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Negotiable securities takes an exam from course of study hot as before inside co
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The reporter learns from association of trade of Chinese negotiable securities, this year in October, course of study of 2008 year negotiable securities will be in from exam of qualification of personnel of course of study 40 cities of countrywide are held at the same time, job signing up will spread out on September 3. To receive second half of the year this unique qualification takes an exam, examinee people already began ” of “ be eager for doing sth, the teaching material that books edifice wears on July already bought on 1000 up to now. Nevertheless the personage inside course of study expresses, because the stock market encounters ” of “ cold current this year, the demand of choose and employ persons of relevant industry also decreases somewhat, firewood proposes a toast nature also can drop somewhat.

Association of negotiable securities trade expresses, reach according to near future vicissitude of the market cooperate to superintend sectional work need, exam of 2008 year second half of the year planned to undertake adjustment, the plan increases fund salesperson to wait for special exam from exam of course of study, maintain the whole nation planned from job seniority exam October changeless, cancelled 7, 9, November follow along with the newspaper one's deceased father reach the quarterly exam December. That is to say second half of the year has only negotiable securities course of study took an exam from qualification of personnel of course of study October announcement, because this is not little,examinee is making active preparation.

The reporter saw in Beijing books edifice yesterday, many equipment examinee hands are held in both hands " negotiable securities trades " , " negotiable securities invests an analysis " , " fund of negotiable securities investment " such teaching material is being read carefully. Some readers are flat had listed booklist to ask a clerk to help one-time search complete. Before “ paragraph time is busy see an Olympic Games, give this job forgot, was about to take an exam in October soon, rapidly assault of start to prepare at the last moment. The undergraduate that ” just graduated this year tells a reporter so. Although not be financial major,he says what he learns, but begin to fry from last year, be interested in this industry very much, want pursue relevant job in the future, so preparation takes an examination of a card to say again. The relevant controller of Beijing books edifice tells a reporter, negotiable securities industry appoints teaching material altogether to have 5 from job seniority, just go up at the beginning of July frame, but already controlled via selling 1000, very considerable.

The reporter sees in the forum of website of each old finance and economics at the same time, many examinee begin to be on the net ” of “ go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures: “ which course is taken an examination of the hardest? Can be ”“ divided second take an examination of? Pay of industry of ”“ negotiable securities how? ” problem is multifarious. The firewood fulfil problem that what nevertheless everybody cares most still is negotiable securities industry. The reporter understands, because the big ox of Chinese stock market went last year affection, the firewood fulfil pay of the industry is like related negotiable securities sit rocket, average bill broker monthly pay can achieve 30 thousand yuan or so. After experiencing the major key this year to rectify nevertheless, also begin to drop from the salary standard of personnel of course of study, it is bill broker some likewise at present monthly pay has 1000 only multivariate. And a personage inside course of study tells a reporter, not be to say to gain the job that can be engaged in win high pay from industry letter, some position are like bar or fulfil of client service firewood also is maintained in 1500 to 2000 yuan between.
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