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Close judge: Does the stock market that uncover secret drop greatly 3 big advoca
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Closing quotation: Two city of? of condyle of baric  of Yan Shan of    drop greatly exceed emersion of 3% black Zhou Yi

Xinhua net message trades first times today is September day, suffer week of 5 US stocks to take small effect, shanghai is deep two city in pairs is low low go, dish in drop for a time wear 5 days to mix 10 days all line. Grail goes now situation is insipid, heat deficient, petrifaction double hero and bank appropriative kill drop brunt, certificate business all fronts uses up Chinese ink to drop greatly. Become greatly point to dish in drop defeat 7700 bits of col, achieve since adjusting new low.
Because be in by the US stock last week the 5 influences that steep fall, index of the card on now is in early dish with 2380.47 bits of open quotation, low leave 16.9 a little bit. Subsequently with respect to concussion dish fall, make thereby field of A stock market goes now situation very not beautiful, early dish of open quotation of 2380.47 bits nod an apogee that is that day. Of course, dish in also a few window appear, basically reflect in agriculture, Shanghai this locality wait for idle fund to heat up money relatively of concentration. Nevertheless, as a result of certificate business wait field of A stock market is popular last week considerably fall after a rise, card index is on after midday city achieve those who go out 2311.73 a little bit now nadir, end dish with 2325.14 bits of closing quotation, drop 72.23 a little bit greatly or 3.01% , clinch a deal the quantity is 29.46 billion yuan.

To now of field of A stock market go situation, the author admits to be able to cause attention at 3 o'clock to basically have, it is to go up the open quotation of card index nods an as it happens to be located in 5 days all line lower part, mean 5 days all the strong resistance that the line remains field of A stock market, go so situation give mainstream capital to be lacked really with respect to reflection make much state of mind actively. 2 it is a bank depressed let the market experience outstanding achievement adequately to add again fast put what delay anticipates place is brought to do empty energy. 3 it is answer card hind large area fills drop the phenomenon also contused further market person is angry, will look so, short-term inside field of A stock market still has hard serve as greatly, low of dot and 2300 early days is facing fair test. (Bohai Sea of net of Chinese negotiable securities invests institute Qin Hong)

The main reason that the index falls greatly today

Data of the newspaper in 8 years produces heat, I feel bad!

Growth rate is too rapid, look to return those who have 16% to add compared to the same period fast. But rational worries by farther to 3 quarters coast!

See profit composition: Business gross earnings of company showing?0 and vest in appear on the market the net gain of company shareholder occupies all appearing on the market respectively of company total 64.31% occupy with 80.40%.300 net profit than about 67% . And among them the bank is occupied than about 41% . Banking performance grows very tall; first half of the year but decelerate of second half of the year is inevitable, estimation arrives only first half of the year half! Although,oilstone of two big stone is changed won't reappear ebbs greatly, but it is difficult also to should grow! At the same time steely, landed, coal namely of whole profit occupy add further than big meeting fast put delay! Give now to slip than all be being met with annulus compared to the same period, to 8 years integral outstanding achievement is added fast estimation will drop further!
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