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Before marriage how does conduct financial transactions invest? Expert: Dispersi
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Fundamental condition: Mr Zhao is 26 years old, work 5 years, there is fixed income every months now 4200 yuan, deposit 100 thousand yuan, include a 12 thousand yuan fund among them (fund invests already loss 25%) , the rest is 1 year of fixed bank deposit. Outside dividing lunar income additionally, the stake that still has every the end of the year is controlled 80 thousand yuan probably. Danger of provide for the aged, company of medical treatment risk is dealt with according to national level. Life expense is in every months probably 1000-1500 yuan. Prospective 2-3 has the plan that buy a car inside year, estimation is 100 thousand right-and-left car; Have a house, take no account of the problem that buy a house in the near future; In next year the likelihood wants consideration marriage. Predict to marry expenditure is controlled 80 thousand yuan. The family does not have other burden.

Target of conduct financial transactions: 2-3 buys a car inside year, next year marriage.

One, analysis of income and expenses:

From the point of afore-mentioned data, mr Zhao is belonged to in good income estate.

Income and defray: Year income is in one hundred and twelve thousand four hundred yuan - one hundred and eighteen thousand four hundred yuan between, be in economically already pretty good, accomplished life freely basically, and its pay attention to managing expenditure, accumulate fund.

Asset and indebted:

Asset: Deposit 88 thousand yuan, fund 12 thousand yuan, at present deficit 25% ; Without indebted. Although income is good but did not leave enough life urgent a shot in the locker.

The individual is sure to ensure: Only social security, safe without any commerce, cannot answer the significant risk in the life.

2, proposal of conduct financial transactions:

The target of Mr Zhao all is short-term, according to its at present financial standing, implementation marriage buys a car to all do not have a problem. But marrying is his the important matter in growing, all must in a planned way, stay have marry amply special fund. Suggest to the car is bought after marrying first, such pressure won't be too great, economy compares freely. After matrimonial, involve parturient, education, a series of economy problems such as provide for the aged, want program of as soon as possible to his life so.

(1) builds lash-up a shot in the locker:

This share capital is to answer daily paroxysmal bigger expenditure, general with 3-6 cost-of-living in the limit of of the month, want fluidity of give attention to two or morethings and profitability, can put its into current to deposit money or cast to monetary market fund. Because Mr Zhao income is good still, also can file credit card to the bank, will pay daily expenses and sudden incident, present bank credit card is had commonly avoid breath period and overdraw certainly function, it is OK to brush card at the same time exempt year cost, get integral.
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