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International liquidates a bank: Global finance orgnaization already was decreas
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Headquarters is set in the international of Swiss Basel to liquidate a bank to published report of global money market to say on August 31, credit crisis already forced financial orgnaization to decrease write down assets of 503 billion dollar, the loss inside prospective a few months will continue to expand.

The report says, nearly a few months come, the rising market of rapid development, country that drew a developed country to invest in great quantities especially to developing the market depends on reductive viewpoint to get test, the high inflation of these areas is gobbling up the income of family and enterprise, hit the confidence of investor.

The main content of this report is to assess the situation of to the end of August global money market end May. International liquidates a bank to point out in the report, integral market confidence was improved somewhat July, but it is brief that the fact proves this kind of upbeat mood, especially two big houses of American borrow financing orgnaization and loss of quarter of main insurance company to exceed expectant news greatly, remind people asset quality problem or surrive.

The report thinks, although credit crisis erupted 2007 since bank and certificate business assets decrease the add up to that note the specified number to already amounted to 503 billion dollar, asset of a few months decreases future write down and complete asset deals with will still happen, make existing capital contractive thereby, relevant financing demand increases.

The report says, be thought hopeful resists formerly nearly a few months also face the rising market of credit crisis dramatic environment changes. Because anticipate growth of developed country economy puts alleviation inflation pressure to increase, investor confidence drops generally, this makes those depend on the heavier country, pressure that gets like the Eastern European country to developed country investment times add.

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