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The Central Bank is announced fulfil " protect accuse " the specific act of macr
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In new network Chinese people bank was in report now on September 1 announced on its official net fulfil “ to be protected accuse ” the specific act of macroscopical adjusting control.

Full text is as follows:

Guide monetary credit reasonable growth, optimize credit structure, increase pair of “ 3 farming the credit support that rebuilds after ” , small company, calamity

Since 2008, below the right leader of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, our country overcame the difficulty that calamity of serious nature of adverse effect and home brings international economy, national economy maintains smooth steady rapidder progress, accord with the development direction that macroscopical adjusting control anticipates. Leave one stage, should carry out seriously fulfil central unified deploy, maintain economy prices of stable rapidder development, control rises too quickly the first job that serves as macroscopical adjusting control, restrain inflation to be put in prominent place. What should carry monetary policy already is successional with stability, also want to enhance the foresight of financial adjusting control, specific aim and flexibility, reasonable the key that holds adjusting control, rhythm, strength, stimulative economy good rapid development.

Guide monetary credit reasonable growth. Controlling inflation is the fundamental sex requirement that stimulative economy grows more quickly smoothly. Current need retains strength of necessary gross adjusting control. In the meantime, the circumstances outside wanting to consider country changes, especially the case that international environment inaccuracy decides factor increase, increase answer a variety of likelihoods percussive flexibility, the balance is good maintain economy to develop more quickly smoothly to concern with what control inflation.

Exert oneself increases strength of credit structural adjustment. Carry out fulfil “ distinction to treat, have retain the policy that controls ” , optimize credit structure, support key domain and weak point development. Financial orgnaization should enhance consciousness and initiative, holding to finance affairs to be able to last, the attention is on guard risk while, increase strength of oneself structural adjustment, hold to gross fine tuning and structure to optimize photograph union, ensure increase credit resource newly to “ 3 farming rebuild after ” , small company, calamity tilt, meeting general strengthens people bank and silver-colored inspect check, supervise. Specific for:

It is to increase pair of “ 3 farming the credit support of ” . Guide financial orgnaization preferential assure “ 3 farming ” credit demand, strive prep above of amplitude of money of experience agriculture loans borrowed money each 2008 amplitude, increment prep above last year, the scale that takes each loan continues to rise somewhat. Lead through carrying out inferior deposit reserve, fulfil rural credit agency to reform pilot capital support, increase and adjust borrow money again the forehead is spent, guide mail store the policy of the respect such as capital circumfluence, enlarge source of fund of support agriculture credit. Continue to deepen reform of rural credit agency, develop village and small town energetically bank, small the orgnaization of new-style country finance such as coadjutant company of fund of finance company, country, strengthen construction of rural finance infrastructure, raise rural finance to serve a level.
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