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Special 6 1? Register accountant exam to brew revolution
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Special 6 1? Register accountant exam to brew revolution
On August 26, 2008, china registers accountant association to release " register accountant exam system to reform working program (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , with respect to the enrollment that put forward accountant exam system reforms overall train of thought and specific content to seek an opinion, ask for opinion job to end on September 22. Note in assist will revise further according to case of each honest opinion the other side perfect, refer the Ministry of finance to register accountant exam committee to discuss after passing carry out formally.

Since 1991, note in assist conduct an exam 16 times in all, perfect through ceaseless reform, build perfect the exam is basic guarantee system of system system, quality and constituent management system, nearly 140 thousand person gained accumulative total whole family certificate of conformity, the healthy progress that registers accountant trade for China offerred serious talented person to prop up. Register accountant to take an exam to already made domestic reputation highest hold one of job seniority exams, enjoy very tall “ to contain Troy ” .

Deepen as the abidance of the comprehensive progress of society of our country economy and reforming and opening, especially of our country economy and world economy increasingly shirt-sleeve, raised new taller requirement to registering equality of the;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to ability of accountant, internationalization water, register accountant exam system to also face new reform job.

For this, china registers accountant association to comply with the development change of external environment, the primary experience that serious summary comes to our country more than 10 years register accountant exam to work and successful practice, on the foundation that registers accountant profession to develop the rule and talent to develop the rule in thorough research, draw lessons from the international experience that registers accountant exam adequately, the hasten of exam mode photograph that registers accountant exam and international in order to realize China to be approbated generally is a target together, put forward to reform the systematic program of active exam system.

Plan put forward to register the overall objective that accountant exam system reforms and guiding ideology, reach achievement period of efficacy, solid Wu to experience system of requirement, new old exam to join to course of exam layer class, exam waited for a respect to put forward specific reform to suggest, the reform intention that reflected “ to promote means of content of exam concept, contented exam, perfect exam ” .

According to plan, new exam system will begin to carry out 2009. In the meantime, it is those who had made system of new old exam to join, the examinee that makes course already took an exam through the part below active system can have an opportunity to complete the exam of odd course, active exam system will continue to carry out a year 2009. 2010, active exam system abolishs, implement new exam system in the round.
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