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Guangzhou adds inside story of case of city land corruption: Illicit look forwar
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Hundreds yuan ask for the ground 40 thousand yuan sell piece

Huang Qiong of reporter of new wall bulletin

Specially appointed of audit arrange Guangzhou does disclose detail of case of nest of corruption of the land that add a city

Land department clerk and private enterprise advocate mutual collude together cheat, forge construction in order to pour the means such as autograph date to wait for a data with the ground instrument of ratification, agreement that ask for the ground, fund of unused land compensation is as high as diddle country 145 million yuan, many state staff member falls in succession accordingly horse.

In what add city fish this removed case of land corruption series to astonish the throughout the country 2006, the huge throughout the country of amount of its experience record is infrequent. Recently, the reporter will discover the earliest and investigate and deal with sb the specially appointed of audit arrange Guangzhou of this case does, understanding investigates and deal with sb to this case a variety of little-known detail in the process.

The farmer informs against a letter to uncover inside story of a plot

Do the introduction according to specially appointed of audit arrange Guangzhou, should do 2006 to take the lead in developing audit of gold of land sell one's own things in Guangzhou city pilot job. After audit begins, guangzhou does audit team to invite concerned media actively to have a story to audit progress circumstance, inform against a phone publicly. Very fast, each just are informed against phone and inform against material in a steady stream to emerge ceaselessly.

Very fast, a wrinkled attention that informed against a letter to cause audit staff. Its out the hand of a farmer, although pallet, words and expressions does not arrange paper, but reflective thing however weight is sheer. He is mirrorred, guangzhou adds a city the company such as the Jin Hui that bridge of one private employer earths up Kun to use its under one's name, in add a city some town follows a village first appoint countersign concludes the agreement that ask for the ground, according to hundreds of yuan of a mu prices from land of the commandeer in farmer hand many mus 4000, add urban government to call in these land from the company of bridge with high price then, give some estate trader with higher price whole sell one's own things next, liang Congzhong gets sudden huge profits of high specified number.

How can much land arrive first on private company hand be called in by governmental high price again? Be who earns price difference in land of illegal buy in and sell at a profit? Audit staff instantly arms cent road, covey is headed for add urban land to develop a center, understanding counter-purchases the fund condition of unused land; Another team arrives add urban land bureau, investigate the archives data of land.

The government buys the land to private high price

On the Zhang that develops a center in the land that add a city, golden badge company pays the record of fund of unused land compensation after audit staff checked high price of the municipal government that add a city very quickly to counter-purchase land, add urban finance to had pressed every mus 40 thousand yuan of right-and-left prices paid 145 million yuan of compensation the money in all, delimit through the bank ever since on the Zhang of a few companies. Via checking, these companies all are private company of Liang Peikun, but these a few companies already the person goes the building is empty. Audit team decides to look for Liang Peikun to understand a situation directly then, but discover bridge already was missing again.
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