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Audit discovers other people of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seve
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Grant-in-aid is buckled long road collects money a mobile board house is unused and individual the cadre is favourable relatives and friends
Although return major without discovery illegal case, but other people of a few money providing disaster relief use non-standard circumstance to rise to surface gradually as the development of audit.

The “ that audit arrange releases today earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is aseismatic ” of the 3rd announcement weighs audit of other people of money providing disaster relief,

Audit discovery, as a result of information not free, supply and demand is out of line, the reason such as product off quality, the part of specific area provides disaster relief occurrence keep long in stock of goods and materials or not applicable, such case includes, the stricken be hit by a natural adversity strength that because check,Shaanxi saves is less than what appear in the newspaper formerly, make the first batch of central food providing disaster relief much transfer 1. 680 thousand tons, part the change trains dot of keep long in stock in civil administration and commissariat branch and each villages and towns.

Still have, in autonomous prefecture of the Qiang nationality of Tibetian of dam of Sichuan province A the circumstance with the tent basic already and saturated demand of luxuriant county, black water county falls, government of A dam state gives these two counties to transfer into more than 10 thousand again. Sichuan disaster area has remedy of bacterium of poison of more than tons of 7000 disappear, short-term inside cannot give out, some places did not store accordingly again condition, put in safe hidden trouble, manage county, Chinese source county already appeared the circumstance such as spontaneous combustion of medicaments of disappear poison bacterium, leak.

Additional, the mildew of existence of 9 batch goods and materials that Zhejiang sea peaceful city receives changes, discrepant flavour, deposit time to cross value of long, PH to surpass the case such as mark, maintain via pledging check branch examines for unqualified article, cannot send stricken be hit by a natural adversity area to use.

Audit announcement alluded technically still the unused problem of mobile board room. According to introducing, what two kinds of reasons created mobile board room is unused: Because be built oneself,one kind is transfer find a place for the room is mixed after building policy of permanent housing allowance to come on stage oneself, the choice transfers by oneself the stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses that find a place for increases ceaselessly, the demand that causes mobile board room decreases; Because specific place overly builds mobile board house centrally,another kind is, the practice that high density, large-scale concentration lives, cause a farmer to be far from contract the ground, manufacturing life radius is too big wait for a lot of inconvenience and abandoned entering mobile board room. Only of river lasher city find a place for individually the dot is unused already 4011.
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