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Audit arrange: 16 provinces are crowded occupy divert central support agricultur
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2007, audit arrange is right 16 provinces such as Heilongjiang, Jilin, Heibei, Shanxi (municipality) the government that move pays support agriculture special fund in the center of 2006 used a circumstance to undertake audit is investigated, the key selectived examination 50 counties.

Audit findings report asked for relevant province (municipality) the opinion of government and Ministry of finance, be as follows audit findings announcement now:

One, fundamental condition and overall assessment

According to investigating statistic, finance appropriate is saved to 16 in the center of 2006 (municipality) support agriculture is special capital total 126.4 billion yuan, occupy in those days these provinces (municipality) 46% what central special move pays capital amount. According to to 50 counties selective examination, the support agriculture that these counties reach below finance is special in the center of 2006 capital total 5.4 billion yuan, occupy these 50 counties in those days the place is general 48% of budgetary receipts.

Audit findings makes clear, in last few years the Party Central Committee, the State Council published a series of support “ 3 farming the policy measure of ” , central finance increased the investment of special to local support agriculture fund, raised basic level government effectively to support “ 3 farming the capacity that ” expands, those who accelerated construction of new rural area is successful begin. Main show is:

Special fund became support agriculture in the center of —— basic level solves “ 3 farming the main fund source of ” problem. 2004 to 2006, central finance arrangement is saved to 16 (municipality) support agriculture is special capital year all grow 24% ; 50 counties that selective examination this capital year all grow 31% . Special fund uses central support agriculture at saving this this class, city class and scale of prefectural class financial to be respectively 15% , 9% with 76% .

Support agriculture is special in the center of —— capital produced main effect in construction of new rural area. 2006, special fund basically casts central support agriculture to rural highway and understand project, kind chemical fertilizer of grain farmer derv is integrated allowance, natural forest protective project, agriculture is integrated development, new-style the “ such as rural collaboration medical treatment 3 farming the key domain of ” , drive a place to throw 162.8 billion yuan, obtained better result. According to concerning sectional statistic, 2006, 16 provinces (municipality) increase grain productivity newly 12.6 billion kilograms, agricultural total output value increases 245.7 billion yuan than 2005, be added newly and transform rural way four hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred kilometer; Built pool of 2.58 million firedamp, make 18.69 million farmer is benefited; Build, maintained school of twenty-four thousand two hundred middle and primary school, make 44.97 million students enjoyed “ two avoid policy of one filling ” ; Change extend medical establishment 5589; Attend number of iatrical of new-style country collaboration to achieve 24 676 10 thousand people.
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