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Pleasant becomes Li Jinhua " watchdog " say audit storm still can continue
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Backside of face of Li Jinhua iron is tender feelings

On March 13, 2008 afternoon, li Jinhua is elected as vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; 17 days, countrywide National People's Congress decides Liu Jiayi is audit arrange audit to grow —— this means Li Jinhua to leave formally limit of 23 family planning carrying careful.

Look from appearance, li Jinhua has the face of ” of China of a piece of special “ : Greatly eye, wide wide nose, thick lip, go between the scholar, think without the person he is an official; Go in the official, also do not come Zhuo Er not group. But in recent years, the people grudges the admiration like tidewater and support none however the ground gave the audit with this brave, bright disposition is long, the backside of these recognition and support is them pair of drive out evil and usher in good, effect a radical cure corrupt expectation, it is the great expectations that they rule a country to establishing a new-style standard.
Ironhanded Li Jinhua: Pleasant is become “ watchdog ”

1943, li Jinhua is born in Jiangsu to be like,visit Nantong town east the county spells tea to press down, his childhood is spent in turmoil of war. Li Jinhua of 19 years old takes an examination of finance of college of finance of the finance central to fasten. Come from rural Li Jinhua, the takes 13.5 yuan every months stipend between old session, enter the short overcoat of the cloth of a khaki that does when school, lining and face crossing-over for many times, wear all the time have a job. Had experienced ten money to breaking beautiful day, li Jinhua understands the implication of ” of “ money earned by hard toil. And in old audit job, his look place is reached is 100 million yuan thousands of cavity at every turn, have shocking painful. “ audit is in charge of —— taxpayer giving to taxpayer namely the money of door of Ministry of finance, how must the flower have to taxpayer explain. ” Li Jinhua puts forward, “ punishs corrupt it may not be a bad idea, punish bureaucratism it may not be a bad idea, best method is open and transparent, implement sunshine policy, this is the view ” that the whole world agrees with.

“ audit is the ‘ watchdog ’ of national riches. When ” is explaining the function of audit, li Jinhua likes to use so common and the view of figure, “ I do not invent this word. Of Germany before audit is long call Zaweierbaige. I see him for the first time, he is told with me, we are ‘ watchdog ’ , ’ of watchdog of national financial ‘ . Tell simply, the security that you want that is to say to defend property of national finance country through audit and effective. ”

1998, the system of commissariat of 8 branches check such as Ministry of finance of audit arrange combination is violated compasses the problem that violate discipline, put on record 2268, 1302 people get punish of discipline of party disipline politics.